Shitty Rambo E​.​P.

by Iron Chic

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released November 1, 2009

Iron Chic / Dead Broke Rekerds.


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Iron Chic New York, New York

Iron Chic is a decent band from Long Island, NY. They play songs that are acceptable.


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Track Name: Shits/Giggles
I'm anxious, i think i'll be alright
and i'm wasted but i'm not gonna waste the night
maybe i'll go outside, maybe get a life
making stupid faces
i'm begging the question
and wasting the answers
just for the fuck of it
i'm staring x-rays, i can see whats inside
i'm weightless but i'm not gonna wait all night
desperate places call for more desperate measures
we're destined for failure
playing our parts in it
i'm braced for the ending
i'm through pretending now
like i'd been from the start of it
Track Name: The Worlds Greatest Detective
do we think about the lives we've led
or where we'll go when we are dead?
of course we do
do we pack it in and hedge our bets
or believe, every now and then
that we made the best of it?
do we live for a paycheck?
would we pay for a new life?
spend all our days in a world that is plagued
by motivations that are selfish at best
lock our hopes up in our head
and hope that we can forget
Track Name: Don't Tell Me Stupid, Don't Show Me Fuck You
i can't stand the cold, it cuts to the bone
and you can't wear good intentions
what's plan B for mice and men
when your best laid plans have shit the bed?
we'll survive on the lies we're fed
because you can't eat promises
will we even live to see the end?
posters and peeling paint
the walls, the floors they all seem the same
any difference feels insignificant
will we even live to see the end?
it's an arrangement that tends to disappoint
we're not mis-informed we just miss the point
the silence grows, turn on the stereo
anything to break the tension
Track Name: (I Never Get) Winded
these are the risks i take, this is the life i chose
and if i make mistakes at least they are my own
there is no fate but what we make
and in the end we all terminate
if we try and make our time worthwhile
then we've done alright
the lights are out the doors are closed
the end of the show the end of the road
we can pretend that we don't know
but we know

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