Not Like This

by Iron Chic

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Apocalypse Dude
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Apocalypse Dude "Iron Chic is a decent band from Long Island, NY. They play songs that are acceptable."

Well they didn`t lie about that. Favorite track: Time Keeps On Slipping Into The (Cosmic) Future.
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jcrzry this:
"If I can ask one thing when I am dead
would you lay me down by the river bed?
let me wash away
let it take me back from where I came
all I am and all I was is just
blood and dirt and bones and mud
and I'm better off that way
I'm better off that way" Favorite track: Time Keeps On Slipping Into The (Cosmic) Future.
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axx_axx Some of the most poetic and metaphysical lyrics I've heard in a punk rock song, with a great tune. Favorite track: Time Keeps On Slipping Into The (Cosmic) Future.
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Debut 10 song full-length from Long Island natives. Anthemic & melodic punk rock from a line-up that features members of: Latterman, Small Arms Dealer, Capital, Get Bent & Jonesin'.

Vinyl & CD available from:


released September 1, 2010

Recorded Spring 2010 @ Hobo house by Phil Douglas.
Iron Chic / Dead Broke Rekerds 2010.


all rights reserved



Iron Chic New York, New York

Iron Chic is a decent band from Long Island, NY. They play songs that are acceptable.


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Track Name: Cutesy Monster Man
I want to smash my face into that god damn radio
it may seem strange but these urges come and go
I'm seeing double now, I tell the truth in stereo
I don't say much and when I do it's not enough
I can taste the grief, feel that old anger bubble up
it makes it hard to breathe
it makes a case for throwing up
so I medicate and when my eyes are red enough
I start thinking straight and I can face the day
Face down, lights out
put some music on maybe I'll come around
maybe find the will to sing
and all the things I could never say
will come pouring out of me
through my broken teeth
the best and worst of me
I sold my soul now I age but don't get old
and to this day it's the best deal I ever made
all the things i could never say
will come spraying out of my face
through my broken teeth
the best and worst of me
Track Name: Time Keeps On Slipping Into The (Cosmic) Future
The cycle goes on and on
an endless circle of scaring the shit out of me
as we get strung along
dragged 'til were nothing but cosmic debris
If there's something wrong
then there's something wrong with everything
and what spurs us on
will pull us apart
just trying to find our place
fight our way through a four dimensional space
and our reward for this
is not knowing why we exist
if there's nothing wrong
then there's nothing wrong with anything
and what spurs us on
will pull us apart
If I can ask one thing when I am dead
would you lay me down by the river bed?
let me wash away
let it take me back from where I came
all I am and all I was is just
blood and dirt and bones and mud
and I'm better off that way
I'm better off that way
Track Name: Timecop
remember when time was all we had?
no care for the sand in the hourglass
each new night was another shot
to stake our claim on a parking lot
remember when friends we're all we'd need?
day followed the night and we'd let it lead
in the basement
on the pavement
we couldn't conceive of an end to it
but it's not like that anymore
re-group, re-calculate
rushing in was our first mistake
re-think, re-calibrate
set our sights on something bigger
(maybe move on to better things)
remember the pain of growing up?
it may have hurt but it sure was fun
it made us who we are now
it gave us a mystery to figure out
this is what we waited for
these days not much has changed
except how we feel and whats at stake
but we are still the same
should we chose to linger
or move on to better things
Track Name: I Always Never Said That
life is weird but were together here
so what's the use in being normal
burn the village and take what's left
do the things that we've been doing to death.
taking things too seriously
that's a motherfucking time bomb
so bite the bullet and take a breath
look at me I'll be laughing to death
If I hear another word about a better place
I'll paint these walls with my fucking brains
you say I wouldn't but if I did you don't think I'd go to hell for it
I agree and then we laugh
a cosmic joke or a master plan?
the best part of it is
either way we couldn't give a shit.
there's no answers, so take a guess and make up the rest.
I may start to reminice about better days
or the obliteration of the human race
if it never fucking ends
I can't begin to make sense of it
so let's agree we'll always laugh
not miss the joke and do what we can
to take it all with a grin
and not be so fucking humorless
Track Name: Black Friday
we get up early, we come home tired
our lives for hire, we're making money for someone else
can't breathe like there's hands around my throat
can't scream this place is filled with ghosts
every bodys looking for something
can't leave or we're left with nothing
clap your hands do the dead man shuffle
slouch our way into an early grave
is it disappointment or mild annoyance?
a sense of contentment or fucking resentment?
move your feet to this dead end beat
slouch our way into an early grave
get out of bed, get fucking dressed
and think of better ways to keep busy
clap your hands do the dead man shuffle
killing ourselves for a living wage
get out of bed
get fucking dressed
and get busy
Track Name: Know What I Mean, Jellybean?
by then I'd had enough
I couldn't stand to watch you die
so I died first, that's how I survived
now i cant Feel the ground tremble beneath my feet
and I won't make a sound while
this town crumbles into the sea
It's been years, even after all this time
I'm still here there's simply nothing inside
when I held your head and whispered into you ear
" it's okay to leave now, there's nothing left for you here."
I knew I had nothing left to fear
it's not hard to keep it inside
a feeling so hard to describe
I don't know if that's okay
i'm gonna do it anyway
do it anyway
yeah it hurt, it's almost something else now
I cried so much I thought I might drown
I'm out of tears, I'll make no concessions
through all these years I've learned a lesson
every thing I love will die
in due time
Track Name: Awes-nificent
not like this, it's a parable
it's a fucking myth it's a show
and honestly Im not a dishonest guy
but that doesn't mean that I can't tell a lie
if you don't believe me take a look in my eyes
you see we're all faking and it's no big surprise
everybody just makes it up as they go along
with a mind like this who needs enemies
this antagonist keeps me honest
silly as it seems
this nonsense means everything
it's kind of an inside joke
but truer words were never spoke
everybody's stuck but were fucked 'til we move along
It's a mystery
why we see things so differently
but something has got to give
I can't say why it's just the way it is
everybody just makes it up as they go
and everybody's fucked
but we hope we can move along
Track Name: In One Ear
is the song worth singing
when there's no one listening?
you know the words
you know they hurt
but you know they're right
when you got the urge
you thought you were the first
but you will never be first at anything
are your ears still ringing?
are the wounds still stinging?
you know the words
you know every verse
you know what's right
that's what makes this worse
so fucking absurd
you have never been so sure about anything
Track Name: Bustin' (Makes Me Feel Good)
there's a kind of focus
a subtle art to losing sleep
it takes a certain special kind of person
to make decisions as fucked as these
but thats just the start just a small part
of what makes us who we are
we make our intentions clear
we choose our words carefully
we don't believe everything we hear
we still have some noise to make
If there's a god he hates us
does what he can to see us fail
but were not superstitious
so we don't fucking care
we just need a spark, a light in the dark
to show us where we are
defend against the hordes
with rusty shields and broken swords
all we need are words
a handfull of drunken slurs
truth be told, we'll always know
that we will never be alone
Track Name: Every Town Has An Elm Street
you took the first fucking chance to get out of town
I'm cool with that but I still want you around
I wouldn't say I'm stuck here but that's irrelevant
because you're free and clear
but don't sweat it
I'm just saying
I couldn't really make a case for staying
I don't think I'm wrong, I don't think you're wrong
in the worst fucking case we could lose ourselves
each of us in a personal hell
we can take the heartache
as we stumble our way
through our old mistakes
and I get it
I don't regret it
I just want to be the one who said it
right or wrong it's different when you're gone
we made a hell of a mess out of this poor town
we've been given the chance to spread it around
we do things the hard way
we all fall apart at our own pace
ugly bedrooms bred bad habits
made it hard to see through all the static
does it ever end? It never fucking ends
we saw it coming
from a thousand miles away
it's a brand new day
and we all find our way (home)
(home) is where the heart stays
when the heart strays
home is where we are today

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